• Q: Is MOBAC compatible with Java 9
    A: There are compatibility issues with Java 9. Regular users are not able to run MOBAC using Java 9.
  • Q: I have a lot of tile images locally in my file-system e.g. by generating them from OpenStreetMap data or by previously created atlases. How do I use them in MOBAC?
    A: Since MOBAC v1.9 beta 2 local tile sources can be used. For details how to integrate tiles from the file-system into MOBAC please open the file README.HTM that comes with MOBAC and read section Custom atlas as map source / locally generated tiles which can be found near to the end of the file.
  • Q: My favorite online map is not in the list of maps provided by Mobile Atlas Creator - can it be added?
    A: Maps have to meets certain criteria for being compatible with Mobile Atlas Creator. First on a technical level several requirements has be met. A lot of maps have already been identified as incompatible. Please check this list if your favorite online map is already known to be incompatible. The complete list can be found here. For developing new map sources there is a special tool called Map Evaluator that is designed to develop new map sources for MOBAC without having to install a development environment. For details on how to use this tool see the correspondent wiki page on Map Evaluator.
    Second before adding the new map source to MOBAC I need an acceptance by the map source provider. A lot of map sources cannot be added to MOBAC they don't allow mass download and/or cannot supply map tile images for MOBAC because of license restrictions. Therefore you there is no clear statement about tools like MOBAC in the service terms and conditions section you need to ask the person/company running the online map service if they (can) allow adding their map service as new map source to MOBAC.
  • Q: My favorite map/atlas format is not in the list of maps provided by Mobile Atlas Creator - can it be added?
    A: Most map formats can be added, but of course it is a bit of work and lots of information is needed for implementing a new atlas format. In general a feature request for a new atlas format hate to include the following information:
    1. Name of the atlas format and name of the application which uses this format (best with Web-link)
    2. Provide a detailed format description of the atlas format. If there is an online documentation available just link to it in the feature request - otherwise you have to figure out the file format and describe it in the feature request.
    3. Attach at least one small example atlases in the desired output format to the feature request - including the information which region is covered by the example(s)
    BTW: If any atlas format supported by MOBAC is similar to the desired atlas format please name it - this helps a lot and saves time.
  • Q: I have tiles generated by another program (e.g. Mapnik, Maperative, MapTiler, ...) can I use them as source in MOBAC?
    A: Yes, local tiles can be used as map sources. MOBAC supports loading of tiles directly from file-system, from ZIP file(s) and from several SQLite atlas formats. For details how to use such tiles in MOBAC please refer to the README.HTM file that comes with MOBAC.