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Atlas format: Paper Atlas(PNG)

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Atlas format: Paper Atlas(PNG)

Postby Toni » 30 Sep 2016, 11:12

I wish to know if it's possible to see how many pages will be printed before I push the button "Creat Atlas".
Sometimes after created a map in png format I surprised how many pages are created. I will only print 1 page. I know that this depends from the area I have select.

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Re: Atlas format: Paper Atlas(PNG)

Postby r_x » 30 Sep 2016, 17:23

There is no preview for the PaperAtlas output format.

However you can estimate the size by the number of tiles. In the "Atlas Content" tree place the mouse pointer on a map and wait for the tooltip.
At the end you will find the information "Maximum tiles to download". A typical A4 PDF page has space for about 12-16 tiles.

BTW: The size of the map is indeed directly related to the selected region. However the selected zoom level has an even more impact. For PaperAtlas you should only select a zoom level one higher than the current map zoom.
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Re: Atlas format: Paper Atlas(PNG)

Postby Toni » 04 Oct 2016, 22:51

Thank you r_x for your answer.
I have found another way to get wat I want. To get only one Image I have found this way:
3.Paper Atlas
4.Size: Selection
After creat the map in only one image in png format you can work with another software to change de format like JPG and/or cut if you like a part of the map. Needless to say that a large zoom has an image as large result in MB !
Thats all. I hope it can help other Members.

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