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Mapsforge line pattern

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Mapsforge line pattern

Postby jolly48roger » 04 Nov 2016, 18:13

I am using MOBAC to render a Mapsforge map.

I have encountered a problem with line patterns. What I want, is for the pattern to follow the shape of the line curving and twisting as necessary. This happens with Vectrorial map. MOBAC clips the pattern to the size of the stroke but is not rotating the pattern.

I am using the latest version of Mobac (snapshot 2106-11-01) and XSD v5.

This is the rule :
<rule e="way" k="barrier" v="retaining_wall">
<line src="file:/patterns/embankment.png" stroke-width="4.0" />

Vectorial map is left on this image; Mobac right.

If this is not a fixable 'bug', can anyone suggest how to get the correct effect. lineSymbol plants copies of the symbol along the line but they are not curved to fit, just rotated and not continuous.


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