Enhancement Requests If you are missing the map provider of your choice or have other enhancement ideas for Mobile Atlas Creator feel free to open an Feature Request Ticket at SourceForge. If there is a new online map which is not available in Mobile Atlas Creator, you may make a request to add it. Before opening a Feature Request please take a look into the list of map sources known to incompatible with Mobile Atlas Creator. Problems, Bugs & Errors In case of unexpected errors while executing Mobile Atlas Creator you may get presented a exception dialog containing detailed information about the problem. In such a case please create a new ticket in the Bug Tracker at SourceForge. Please add the detailed exception information and a detailed description of your last performed actions. Activate Logging System If the recorded errors in the error log do not indicate a problem you can activate the overall message logging mechanism of Mobile Atlas Creator: Download the file log4j.xml and save it in the directory where the jar file of Mobile Atlas Creator is installed to. The next start Mobile Atlas Creator will create a log file in the current directory (on Windows this is usually the directory where the JAR file is located on Linux usually the profile directory). Please note that the log file is erased on each program start. If you think you have found a bug please file it in the bug tracker at SourceForge.      Request & Error Here are some links where you can report requests and errors. © Mobile Atlas Creator 2012