Requirements Some requirements are needed to run the program. Find out what they are and where to get them. Mobile Atlas Creator is written in Java and runs on a large number of platforms. This includes the most popular operating systems like Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. To run the application your system has to fulfill the following requirements: Java Runtime Environment You need Java Runtime Environment Version 6 Update 14 (v1.6.0_14) or higher installed on your computer. To get Java click here!  Click here to check if Java is already running on your system. Disk Space Mobile Atlas Creator requires less than 10 Megabyte free disk space to install. Make sure that there is additional free space to store map tiles as well as your created atlases. The needed amount depends on your atlas and can easily take up to a few hundred megabytes or even gigabytes of data. RAM By default Mobile Atlas Creator uses up to 512 Megabyte of RAM. Internet Connection All the needed map data will be downloaded while using the program. This makes an (high-speed) internet connection necessary.  Network connection via HTTP proxy is supported. To configure the proxy visit   © Mobile Atlas Creator 2012 the settings page.