Using MOBAC - User Interface This page gives you an overview of the Mobile Atlas Creator mainscreen. © Mobile Atlas Creator 2012 After starting a new atlas project the main screen of MOBAC appears. It is divided into four sections. <Main Screen> 1. The central part of the screen displays the map. In addition to the geographical information it shows the map scale as well as the zoom rate and options to overlay a grid. 2. The panel on the right can be used to create and manage waypoints and tracks using the GPS eXchange format. 3. The panel on the left provides information and options for the atlas creation process. This includes the map source, the atlas content and saved profiles. 4. The menu bar on top gives easy access to basic functions and settings of the software. Further it allows debug operations, help files display, and activation or deactivation of the two panels. (1) (2) (3) (4)