Local Map Sources

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General info

Existing atlases or locally rendered tiles can be directly integrated into MOBAC as custom map source without having to set-up a local web-server.

At the moment the formats used by OSMTracker, AndNav, BackCountry Navigator, Maverick and OSMAND are supported. The tiles can be used from the file-system or directly from within ZIP files or SQLite databases.

For more details how to use tiles from local file-system please see REAME.HTM that comes with MOBAC.

Preparing existing maps

In case you have an calibrated map image (e.g scanned) you want to use with MOBAC you can prepare the map using one of the following tools:

Generating map tiles based on OSM data


.Net based program that runs on Windows and Linux. On 32bit systems Maperative is only usable for small regions as it loads the OSM data completely into a memory based database which needs depending on the region size and data density several Gigabyte RAM.